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Asura Tattoo is one of the best Tattoo studios in Bangalore where you can find creativity and realism style with the objective of a person who wants to get tattooed. Asura Tattoo equips its customers with a great level of designs and concepts which are executed to perfection and realistic as per the needs and wants of the customer.


Tattooing is an impact of every individuals emotions and feelings. We are the one who understands it and take care about what people want. Most of the people are searching for fair price also which satisfies their thoughts. We have an experience tattooing all categories of tattoo. Our Artist Mr. Preetham who is super talented in tattooing Realistic and Hyper Realistic Tattoo’s. So, we are here to help you in satisfying your tattoo thoughts.

Realistic Tattoo

Realistic and Hyper-Realistic tattoo are copy of realistic thing as it is on our body or 3D Tattooing. Realistic and Hyper-Realistic tattoo are the special features of Asura tatoo studio. Because, our artist Preetham is the only person in mysore for tattooing Realistic and Hyper-Realistic tattoo’s. So, please contact us if u are in the need of these things.

Realistic tattoo services are a specialized form of tattoo artistry that focuses on creating lifelike images on the skin. These tattoos often depict portraits, animals, landscapes, or objects with incredible detail and shading, resembling photographs or realistic paintings.

Tattoo Training

We also provide tattoo training in our studio. Most of the people are already trained from our studio and some of them have become tattoo artist now. We have three plans for training Basic, Intermediate & Advanced. We teach from the scratch into the depth which depends upon the course and individuals interest.

Need Custom Ideas?

People always search for innovative & attractive things. We are here for U..!!!

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